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The Masked Man and the Blindfolded Girl


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  • Who does not love a little masquerade fun? Blind folded by this horny man in a mask, this little slut is about to learn the meaning of the word fun in the dark! After being tied up with her hands above her head in nothing but a sexy pink lace and black mesh see through tank top and micro mini skirt, she is finger fucked to submission by her assailant before he whips out his giant cock and shoves it in her tight shaved pussy. He spreads her legs wide and fucks her sideways before he decides to change up the fun holes and sticks his throbbing rod in to her mouth, forcing her to lick and swallow to his hearts content. When he is ready he takes off her mask so she can watch as he gives her the full experience of his golden showers, right into her mouth!

Kristy Needs You To Wash Her Face Off


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  • Kristy has dirty blonde hair, but it’s not the color of her locks that makes this slutty girl dirty. Before taking a quick shower, she wants to have a little bit of filthy fun with her sexy boytoy. She sucks him off ever so skillfully with her rapid fire tongue moves and her effortless cock stroking. No sooner does the rest of Kristy’s clothes come off, her bountiful breasts make their way to the surface, before she finds her boyfriend’s pristine engorged dick in her juicy snatch. The fucking is glorious and when it’s time for her boyfriend to bust a hot, sticky nut, Kristy tells him to blow his load on her cute face as she is bathed in the spunk. As if that weren’t enough, she forces him to take a fulfilling leak all over her to help wash the jizz off, giving her another hot bodily fluid bath.

Sexy Fish-Net Slut Enjoys A Golden Shower


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  • The sexy fish-net slut is sitting on the floor with her legs spread wide open as she is playing with herself. Her limber fingers teasing her wet pussy. The well endowed stud is on his knees, holding his huge penis, pisses on the excited slut's face. The slut's face fills the screen as you see the stud pissing directly into her open mouth. The piss flowing deep into her throat. She is then bent over with the stud behind her, inserting his penis into her moist pussy. After fucking her from behind, the man stands above her sitting on the floor, and pisses into her open mouth. Still sittings on the floor with her legs up in the air the stud uses his hand to spread her pussy completely open, allowing her piss to spray out with a massive force. Finally the slut allows the stud to spray his load of cum all over her slutty face.

Masked Pool Side Fun


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  • This sexy blond wants to go for a dip, but her masked friend has other plans. He slaps a mask on her face, strips her down to her shiny pink and black bustier and tight pink thong, and shoves a gag in to her mouth. All of this action leaves her horny, so she starts to rub her wet pussy while he watches. It gets too hot for him so he bends her over on all fours and begins to fuck her, doggy style, reaming her tight little pussy from behind. She then climbs on top and continues to get screwed silly by his long throbbing member before he is ready to finally quench her thirst. He turns her back over onto all fours, takes the gag out of her mouth, and begins to piss all over her face and mouth! Bet this was not what she had in mind when she went for a dip!

  • It never rains but it pours, especially at! Devoted to bringing you the wettest sex on the web, combines beauty, brawn and unmissable golden showers!

  • It never rains but it pours, especially at wetpissingbabes! Devoted to bringing you the wettest sex on the web, combines beauty, brawn and unmissable golden showers!

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